A downloadable Virtual enviroment for Windows

This is an old project I did for my final work of degree. It tried to recreate a sci-fi enviroment from scratch in a 3 months period without never do it before. Just with basic knowledge of modleing I started this  with the idea of improving my knowledge of texturing, materials, lighting and Unity overall.  It's not a polished work and the player only jumps and walk, but I thought it deserved to be here. All the assets and the project overall is totally made by me, from 3D modelling, materials, etc. I only used a Unity library for postprocessing effects and free SFX. Only avariable for Windows.


Move - AWSD

Camera - Mouse

Jump - Spacebar

Install instructions

Just descompress the file and click the executable




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you should make a game out of this demo

Beautiful location )))